Extended Play!

So now that the Reset64 4k competition deadline has been and gone and the game is out there I have been working on an updated version which will restore some of the things that were cut to meet the 4k limit and fix a couple of things that I wasn't really happy with in the competition release:

  • An extra 8 new hard levels with some new graphics - best played with a joystick!
  • Use the run/stop key to pause the game.
  • An extra life every 5,000 points.
  • Improved platform graphics.
  • More background graphics.
  • Better NTSC support.
  • Improved duck brains resulting in a more annoying duck.
  • Title music.
  • A custom font.
  • Faster decruncher.
  • A CGA tribute level.
  • Many more small changes.

The development was finished today, so provided no bugs are found in testing then Dodonuts - Extended Play will be released here very soon!

Chris (@chrx)

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