Problems with Paddles

As part of some enhancements to Skiddy, I have been experimenting with adding support for paddles as a control method. So far, I haven't found a way to use them that makes the cars easy to control. 

The problem (at least with my Atari paddles) is they have a hard stop that prevents them rotating past 360 degrees, clearly being designed for controlling a single axis such as in Pong or Breakout.

The best way to use them would be to make the dial correspond with the angle of the car, but this doesn't work as you get to a spot where to turn the car any further you have to spin the dial all the way round to the other side of the stop. Even with a multiplier, meaning the car can turn 2 or 4 full circles for a single turn of the dial, it ends up at the stop eventually.

The other way I have tried is to make them function a bit like a steering wheel (such as with Revs+), so turn to the left turns the car to the left, etc. This doesn't feel right either, as due to the lack of perspective it is almost impossible to put the car onto a straight line in the required direction no matter how big the dead zone is.

I know that Atari made a rotary driving controller that didn't have the stop (and there are custom or modded rotary controllers too) - these would be ideal, but I have my doubts that they are in widespread use.

While I will continue searching for a nice way to use the paddles in the game,  support may not happen for a while. In the meantime, if anyone spots a Skiddy style game that actually uses paddles, please let me know!

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Very interesting!