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This special edition of the game comprises the extended edition of the game, the original 4k competition release, documentation and a custom loader on a d64 image ready to use in a Commodore 64 emulator or on actual hardware (including hardware, THEC64 and THEC64 mini, emulators and more). This game is both PAL and NTSC compatible.


Dave the duck has hoarded all of the coconuts and Darcy the dodo plans to get them. Given that ducks and dodos are mortal enemies, it's on.

You have three lives and must collect as many coconuts as you can as quickly as possible.

Each coconut that you collect increases your score by 20. You receive a bonus score of 100 for each second left on the timer when all of the coconuts are collected.

If you get caught by Dave the duck, you will lose a life and fall to the bottom of the screen.


Dodonuts: Extended Play adds the following new features and improvements to the competition edition:

  • An extra 8 new hard levels with some new graphics - best played with a joystick!
  • Use the run/stop key to pause the game.
  • An extra life awarded every 5,000 points.
  • Improved platform graphics.
  • More background graphics.
  • Better NTSC support.
  • Improved duck brains resulting in a more annoying duck.
  • Title music.
  • A custom font.
  • Faster decruncher.
  • A CGA tribute level.


A quality joystick or gamepad is highly recommended. Plug your joystick into port 2.

Use the joystick to move Darcy Dodo left and right. Press and hold fire to jump - the longer you hold down the button the higher you can jump.

Tap the fire button to flap your wings and fly (until gravity takes over).


Coding and Graphics: Chris Page
Music and Graphics: Brent Page
Idea: Rose Page


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Dodonuts.d64 (Special Edition) 170 kB
dodonuts.prg (Extended Play Edition) 6 kB


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Nice little game!