Freaky Fish DX Ultimate Edition Released!

The final version of Freaky Fish DX has been released - the Ultimate Digital Edition! This is a free update for everyone who purchased the game on since its launch a year ago and is included in all new purchases.

The Ultimate Edition includes everything from the standard game of Freaky Fish DX as well as:

  • 5 new arctic themed levels (levels 25-30), increasing the number of levels in the game to 30 (plus any hidden levels that may be discovered).
  • Extended bonus game music.
  • Various enhancements for NTSC users.
  • More variety in the bonus games
  • A new front end and title screen.

The ultimate edition of the game comes as an Easyflash cartridge image (.crt), a MagicDesk cartridge image (.crt) and a floppy disk image (d64). All can save your scores and progress on supported hardware.

The Ultimate Edition is also available as a boxed physical edition from Bitmap Soft on cartridge or tape.

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