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Freaky Fish was originally our entry for the 2018 Reset64 4k Craptastic competition. The initial concept was a cross between Bubble Bobble and Kaboom set underwater. For the deluxe version of the game we have completely rewritten the game engine, added new graphics, bonus levels, original music and more!

Skeeter the fisherman has found a large stash of dynamite in his Uncle Cletus's shed and has decided to use it for his new hobby of "blast fishing".

Obviously, the local fish are not too happy with Skeeters new hobby and so Jacques le Shark, a rarely seen French fish with the ability to blow giant bubbles has come out of retirement to deal with the problem.


Use a joystick in port 2 to move around. Press the fire button to blow a bubble. If you hold the button down the bubble will stay with you for a short while.

Press the Run/Stop key (or Escape in Vice) to toggle the pause mode.

Press the Q key to quit back to the title screen.

Completing a level rewards you with a code that can be entered on the title screen to jump directly to the next level.

Basics of the Game

Capture the dynamite by blowing a bubble at it or swimming into the dynamite while holding a bubble. Release the bubble to send it to the surface, but be careful of the other fish. Don't hold the dynamite for too long as the fuses can be unstable, particularly near the surface.


For each bubble containing dynamite that Jacques sends to the surface his score will increase by 10 points. If Jacques hits Skeeters boat with the dynamite his score will increase by 50 points and Skeeter will lose energy.

When Skeeter loses all of his energy he will abandon the boat as it sinks to the bottom. Jacques will receive an energy boost and bonus points for each fish that has been saved.

Jacques will lose energy each time he is caught in an explosion. If he loses all of his energy then the game is over.

If all of the other fish in the lake are caught, the game is over.

Before every 5th level Skeeter switches to his other hobby of chucking energy drinks into the sea. If Jacques can collect enough he will receive a full energy boost.

Survive 25 levels to complete the game - some exclusive secret codes will appear in the upcoming issue of FREEZE64!


Programming: Chris Page
Graphics: Chris and Brent Page
Sound: Chris and Brent Page
Music: Brent Page

Testers: Vinny Mainolfi, Bieno Braitmaier and Rose Page

Loader: Krill

Copyright © 2020 Design/Chaos Pty Ltd

Updated 7 days ago
Published 26 days ago
Release date 21 days ago
Tags8-Bit, Commodore 64, fish, Fishing, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer


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A very nice nice game. I enjoyed it a lot ;D

Really nice/fun casual game and a great upgrade from the 4kb compo version. Job well done!!

I remember this game very well 2 years ago. This new deluxe version of the game is brilliant. Nice cartoon style graphics, and good concept. Pretty much original. I hope to see more new games from you in the near future. Well done :)

Thank you  very much Richard and yes, we have made a start on a new game, but it is very early days yet :)

Nice game!

Thank you!