Enhanced Freaky Fish Preview

There were quite a few left over assets from the 4k (competition edition) of Freaky Fish, including an animated fisherman which had to be removed at the end for space reasons and various fish sprites. Reviews of the 4k game noted especially the difficulty in lining up the bubbles with the dynamite and the ropey collision detection.

For the enhanced version of Freaky Fish we have rewritten the game using the latest version of our c64 game code which was used for our entry in this years 4k game competition "Ewe Woz 'Ere" (to be released at the end of June). This includes some completely rewritten collision detection code, an improved multiplexer that can handle fish with hi-res overlays (a method to add a hi resolution outline to the c64 sprites - as used by the player character in Freaky Fish), new music and more.  Playability has hopefully been enhanced by allowing the player to swim and turn faster, making the bubbles snap to the dynamite easier (and not just when the dynamite has finished sinking).

The video preview shows the latest build with some very early and incomplete music, incomplete bonus screens and lots more (including no way to win or lose!).

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