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Freaky Fish was our entry for the 2018 Reset64 4k Craptastic Games Competition. The initial idea was a cross between Bubble Bobble and Kaboom.

Freaky Fish has the ability to blow giant bubbles and must save his friends from the fisherman who is fishing on the lake with sticks of dynamite.

Use a joystick in port 2.

Up/down/left/right to move Freaky Fish. Press and hold fire to blow a bubble. Keep holding the fire button to maintain the bubble and swim into the dynamite.

Capture the dynamite with a bubble before it explodes and when released it will float back to the surface and explode. If the fisherman gets caught in the resulting explosion you will receive 10 points.

Every 3 hits on the fisherman gives a bonus of 5 for each fish remaining, the lake gets a little smaller and the difficulty increases slightly.

If you get caught in an explosion you lose a life; when you lose 3 lives or all of the other fish are gone the game is over.

  • Programming by Chris Page (chrx)
  • Graphics by Brent Page (Bop)
  • Sound by Chris Page and Brent Page
Release date Jun 30, 2018
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags4k, Commodore 64
Average sessionA few minutes


freakyfish.d64 170 kB
freakyfish.prg 3 kB

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very good