Freaky Fish Devlog #2

Since the last preview, work has progressed on our updated version of Freaky Fish; recent changes to the game include having the fisherman's boat sink to the bottom at the end of the level, energy bars for the player and the fisherman rather than lives, a revised score bar which should be more readable, updated sprite work and the dynamite will now explode if you hold it in the bubble for too long.

Having paused development for a short while as we did the releases of our games from the 2020 Reset64 Craptastic 4k Games Competiton, we got back to it again this week. First up was to move all of the sprites and animations from the sprite editor we had been using into our own sprite editor which we started back in 2019 but only recently finished (Sprite64). This makes editing the sprites and particularly the animations far easier than before, and it exports the data in a format that our Commodore 64 game engine can use. 

With the sprites in the new editor and the game engine now using the editors output directly I spent time playing through the game and noting all outstanding issues and ranking them in the order that I hope to implement them. At present there are 13 major to minor issues to be fixed not including more sprite work, sound effects, final music and level data :).

I'm not particularly happy with the name Enhanced Freaky Fish, but we will call it that for the until we come up with something better.

Work continues...

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